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FIREWORM Dragon - Visual Development -  My early explorations on the Fireworm, cockroach of the dragon world capable of superheating it’s skin to burn everything it touches!  But don’t take it from me, listen to Hiccup - “Their skin burns hotter than the sun”.

FIREWORM DRAGON - Visual Development - Trying to capture design sensibilities similar to Nico Marlet, Lead Character Designer of the DRAGONS 1 and 2 Feature Films.  There are elements on this version such as the overall body & head shape that made it to the final design.

FUNGUS - Mildew’s Pet Sheep - Character Expression Page.  One of my first assignments on ‘DRAGONS: Riders of Berk’ was to explore various attitudes and expressions on FUNGUS.  I was given original sheep designs by Nico Marlet to work from.  The darker line is my second pass after notes from the Supervising Director.

BUCKET EXPRESSIONS - After the initial Character Design is approved,  the next step is Character Poses & Expressions.  Here are 10 expressions I designed where I’m looking to find what works best for the personality of the dimwitted Viking Fisherman, ‘Bucket' in DreamWorks “Dragons: Riders of Berk”.  Other artists involved in creating the look of Bucket were Nico Marlet & Tony Siruno.

Visual Development - These are 2 more rough pieces I put together for the Producer on “DRAGONS: Riders of Berk” for my presentation.  I’m playing with composition, mood and story.  I chose THUNDERDRUM exiting his cave and STOICK & GOBBER waiting to meet the foreign ship of TRADER JOHANN for the subject matter.

Visual Development - Although I handled a lot of aspects of Character Design for the series, I was also asked by the Producer during Season 1 “DRAGONS: Riders of Berk” if I was interested in Art Directing.  This is one of the Vis Dev pieces I painted for my presentation.

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