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FIREWORM Dragon - Visual Development -  My early explorations on the Fireworm, cockroach of the dragon world capable of superheating it’s skin to burn everything it touches!  But don’t take it from me, listen to Hiccup - “Their skin burns hotter than the sun”.

FIREWORM DRAGON - Visual Development - Trying to capture design sensibilities similar to Nico Marlet, Lead Character Designer of the DRAGONS 1 and 2 Feature Films.  There are elements on this version such as the overall body & head shape that made it to the final design.

FUNGUS - Mildew’s Pet Sheep - Character Expression Page.  One of my first assignments on ‘DRAGONS: Riders of Berk’ was to explore various attitudes and expressions on FUNGUS.  I was given original sheep designs by Nico Marlet to work from.  The darker line is my second pass after notes from the Supervising Director.

BUCKET EXPRESSIONS - After the initial Character Design is approved,  the next step is Character Poses & Expressions.  Here are 10 expressions I designed where I’m looking to find what works best for the personality of the dimwitted Viking Fisherman, ‘Bucket' in DreamWorks “Dragons: Riders of Berk”.  Other artists involved in creating the look of Bucket were Nico Marlet & Tony Siruno.

Visual Development - These are 2 more rough pieces I put together for the Producer on “DRAGONS: Riders of Berk” for my presentation.  I’m playing with composition, mood and story.  I chose THUNDERDRUM exiting his cave and STOICK & GOBBER waiting to meet the foreign ship of TRADER JOHANN for the subject matter.

Visual Development - Although I handled a lot of aspects of Character Design for the series, I was also asked by the Producer during Season 1 “DRAGONS: Riders of Berk” if I was interested in Art Directing.  This is one of the Vis Dev pieces I painted for my presentation.

The SKRILL Dragon used for the BERSERKERS CREST which adorns the sails of the BERSERKER ARMADA and the belt buckle worn by DAGUR the DERANGED.  The crest is a graphic version based on the Character Designs of the SKRILL by the talented Nico Marlet.  Be sure to tune-in this Thursday, Dec 5 at 7:30p on Cartoon Network for episode 10 “A View To A Skrill” Directed by Elaine Bogan.

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